time will tell the difference

Jul 31, 2008

Geta has no free time

Due to the fact the TV hasn't been repaired yet, Geta must find a way to see her daily soap-operas.
With the 2 TV guides, ProTv magazine and Oblique in her hands, she went to the door neighbours to catch up on the new episodes.

But the neighbours have more important things to do.

Will she flood them again?
Revenge or not, she must do something. She can waste anything, but time.

Jul 30, 2008

how are Deea and Mishu like?

Want to know more about the kids of the family?

Check Deea's account on Polyvore. See what she likes to wear, what are her favorite colours and what's her syle.

Check Mishu's account on hi5 and meet his friends.

The Flood / comic 1

The Escu family is trying to watch the news on TV, as this is the only thing they do at that time in the evening. But the TV doesn't seem to work anymore and this actually causes a tragedy between the members of the family. While trying to get the problem fixed, their little boy, Mishu seems to discover another problem. Is it really?

The Escu's

Meet the members of the Escu family:

Gherghina is the old granny, very religious, interested in doing economy, against gadgets and totally TV addict

Costel is the grandfather, always playing the wise man in front of others, thinks he is old enough to be right, doesn’t help, but always has something to say

Geta is the irresponsible mother, without any clear perception of the electricity waste and the high consumption in her house, soap-opera passionate

Ion is the father, complaining all the time, never willing to take action, lazy, eager to meet his friends and play football, neglecting everything

Mishu is the son, always making jokes, making fun of everything, curious, expert in gadgets, using them to take snapshots of his family’s manners, detective style

Deea is the fashion addicted daughter, interested in eating low fat and going out with friends. She would be the most likely to have an eco life as a trend.