time will tell the difference

Aug 13, 2008

The Gift / comic 2

The day has come.
It’s Geta’s birthday.

The most expected gift she received was, naturally, the TV. Gift from Ion, her beloved husband. If he had to spend some money, he would have bought the most needed object for the house. So he actually did. For everyone to be happy, not only Geta, the birthday person.

The other members of the family and her oldest friends got her presents as well. Some of them did respect the so-called, anniversary gift list, others went on to buy something on creativity.

Deea had indeed some special gift.

The Escu's have had quite a party. Didn't matter the consumer-oriented attitude on each level. They wanted fun. They had it.

We'll just wait and see how much does actually Deea's gift cost. In terms of bills and electricity, that is.

Aug 12, 2008

Geta's anniversary gift list

time passes quickly.
everyday it goes by, the experiences of the Escu family makes you frown or smile or gets you mad. nothing but leave you indifferent, nevertheless. the Escu family is always prepared to offer surprizes. how pleasant or how offensive, this is quite debatable.

in 24-hours time, the Escu's will celebrate Geta. the loving wife and careful mother. mhmmm. some may not believe this entirely, but still think of a present to give her.
therefore, Geta has made up a list. she likes surprizes, but better yet she likes gifts. especially when people give her what she really wanted. that's actually the purpose of the anniversary gift list. more than that. Geta believes she deserves it. does she really?

take a look over the list and make your choice. if you want an invitation, you might want to be prepared. :)